About Us:
Since 1986 NLDS has provided safe and reliable childcare services for parents who are working or attending school, who need childcare services at an affordable rate.

Quality care and safety are a must for us. Therefore, we do our best to recruit "highly qualified staff". Our staff members have units in early childhood development and preschool education. They are trained in first aid, CPR, and safety and cleared through the state licensing board and the Department of Justice.

Our goal is to provide a safe fun learning environment for children.


Play Learn and have Fun with Us

Our philosophy allows your child to play and learn in a safe fun environment. We know the best way to learn is through play; major emphasis are placed on providing a foundation filled with opportunities to develop Social Skills, Communication Skills and Logical Thinking.



It's a new day and age and NLDS is right there with you. Through this website you can get our scholarship information,up coming events, and make your tuition payments.You can see all our past and present events on You Tube, instagram, and Facebook.

InternetPhotos: We love our kids and we want the world to know it. Our photographers are constantly taking pictures and videos of our New Life kids. After enrollment you will want to visit our photo gallery to see your child in action, you can copy and save photos to your very own desktop or smart phone.

It is important that all forms requested by N.L.D.S. be completed and returned. State law requires in case of an emergency that all children in attendance be signed in and out daily. For your child's protection, please provide N.L.D.S. with a list of all the people who are authorized to drop off and pick up your child. Please make sure that the person coming to pick up your child comes with proper photo identification, in order for your child to be released to them. For the safety of our staff and children, live internet viewing is not available for the public; however video viewing is available on our premises.



1. Do you screen your employees?
Yes, before any of our employees start working with our children we obtain clearance from The Department of Justice. We implement random drug testing and train our lead staff to be CPR Certified.

2. What are your teacher's qualifications?
Our teachers have background training in Early Child Development; their education ranges from 12 college units at an accredited JC or University to a BA degree in Child Development. We also have resident teachers who are at our sites temporarily while working on their teaching credentials.

3. Are there any specials or savings?
Yes!! you will find a large variety of savings on this website, not just for childcare services but family products also. We have a team of professionals that research the internet for coupons, free stuff and great deals to help families save money. You may apply for our scholarship program TL Scin or other financial child care assistance from these programs Supportive Service or Children's Services Network.

4. How do I apply for the scholarship program?
Please call 559-228-8687 to setup an appointment to fill out the application at the Corporate Office located onYale Ave. This process will take approximately 30 minutes.
Please bring a copy of:
Girl Playing * current check stubs
* Child's Immunization Card

5. May I call or visit?
Yes you may. We enjoy parent participation; you are welcome on field trips and special outing events.

6. Does my child need to be potty trained?
No, and we assist you with your child's potty training at no additional charge. However we will recommend that your child be trained before transferring into a Rising Star classroom.

7. What is your discipline?
Discipline Policy
Redirection or timeout is the method used at N.L.D.S. At no time is harsh or corporal punishment permitted. The school cannot recognize the intent of the child but the action. We strive hard to maintain a safe environment for all of our children, so therefore there is a "Zero Tolerance" for children intentionally disobeying safety rules.

8. What is your sick policy
The State Department of Social Welfare requires a Licensed Physician Certificate of Good Health for each child upon entrance. If your child gets ill at school, they will be removed from the class room until you are able to pick them up. We are not designed to take care of sick children, so please keep them home if there is any symptom of illness. If your child is out one week due to a childhood relate illiness. We will provide you with half that weeks tuition credit.(maxium 10 days per year)

9. How much do I need to pay each month?
The prices vary depending on your child's age and hours of service needed. Ask the Director for a current rate sheet.

10. How do I enroll my child?
It is fast and easy. Fill out the forms provided in your packet and return it to your child's Director. Use form NLDS 1939 as a check off list, to insure you complete all the forms needed.

11. This is my child's first childcare experience. What should I expect?
It's normal for a child to be apprehensive about the first day of preschool. The new situation and changes can cause separation anxiety. Spend some time talking about what the preschool day will entail. If possible, arrive early enough to allow time for you and your child to adjust for the day. If your child knows what to expect, they'll be better able to look forward to the experience with excitement instead of apprehension. Assure your child that mommy or daddy will be back. Remember we are only a phone call away.

12. Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes,we offer a 10% discount off the oldest sibling.

13. What paid holidays do you observe?
NLDS is open all year round, but the observe the followingp paid holidays.
* New Years Day
* Martin Luther Kings' Day
* Presidents Day
* Memorial Day
* 4th of July
* Labor Day
* Columbus Day
* Veterans Day * Thanksgiving & the following Friday
* Christmas Eve close @ 12:00
* Christmas Day

14. What is included in your services?
Infant, toddler, preschool and after school care services include:
* Breakfast, Lunch, afternoon snacks
* Our meals follow the State Nutrition Guidelines
* Updated information through our social networking website, emails, SMS
* Transportation to and from public schools
* Monthly field trips
* Formula for infants
* Free preschool services for 3 and 4 year olds to qualified famlies
* Preschool enrichment program from 9am-11am
* Fenced and supervised play yards
* Fingerprinted and CPR certified trained staff
* Staff with Core Early Childhood credits

15. What do I need to provide?
Infant Program Preschool Program
* 6 diapers daily (labeled)
* A change of clothes (labeled) - Wet wipes (labeled)
* Specialty items (labeled)
* 2 changes of clothes
* Breast milk (if applicable)
Toddler Program School Age Program
* 2 changes of clothes (labeled)
* School safety rules sign and returned
* Training pants or pull ups(labeled)
* Any personal items allowed by parent (labeled or engraved)

16. Who do I call if I have questions or concerns?
The Corporate Office located at 4926 E. Yale Fresno Ca. 93727 has staff available to assist. Do not hesitate to give us a call 559-228-8687, Email or send us a letter 1865 Herndon Ave #K335 Clovis, CA 93611.

17. Why should I choose your childcare facility?
NLDS is a locally owned chain of preschools that have been in business serving the communitysince 1986. We have second generation families enrolling their children in our schools because of the safety and security they felt as a child with us. We have an open door policy so you are cordially invited to discover our center. We are certain that once your child has discovered our children's center program, you will want your child enrolled in our daily activities on an ongoing basis.



Field Trips:
Monthly Field Trips are scheduled in advance for children, ages 3-11 years old. These experiences are designed for further understanding and appreciation of specific educational units and to add new experiences to the life of a child.

Here are some of the fun and exciting field trips that your child can participate in after enrolling at N.L.D.S!





Transportation is provided by N.L.D.S. to and from local elementary schools. Please see the director or visit our website for a list of elementary schools we provide transportation to. Before transportation cancommence we need you to fill out forms NLDS 9744 and NLDS 2050 located inside your packet.

Morning School Transportation
If your child needs morning transportation please have them at our center by 7:00am. This is to ensure that our bus drivers may leave on time to get all the children to elementary school.

After School Pick-Up
It is important that your child is at the designated bus loading area in a timely matter. If your child has after school assignments or activities, please notify your Director that morning. If your child misses the bus/van for any reason they need to go to the elementary school's office immediately. The elementary school will contact us and we will return to pick-up your child. Please make sure that the elementary school has our contact information in your child's file. Bus/Van drivers do their best to get to all of their destinations in a timely manner; however there could be a waiting period of 5-10 minutes. If your child is scheduled to be picked up and does not arrive at the bus stop the Bus Driver will call the Director and the Director will call you. Please make sure your information stays current with your school Director.

Releasing Children from the Bus/Van
When your child boards one of our many buses or vans, they are in the most prestigious care of our responsible qualified driver (s). Your child may not be discharged to anyone other than a parent/ legal guardian or Director of the center. If you require removal of your child from one of the buses or vans, you must present appropriate identification. The driver may also call the center to confirm the identity for the protection and safekeeping of your child while in our care.

Absences and Schedule Changes
It is crucial that you let us know of your child's absence prior to the bus route departure or as soon as you know of your child's absence. The Bus Driver will otherwise be waiting for your child, which in turn delays all subsequent pick-ups. If your child needs to be drop off or picked up outside of their normal scheduled days or times, you need to notify the Director or Assistant Director by 7:00am that morning. To ensure the message is given to the Bus Driver.


9 months to 17 months
Babies need tender love and care more than anything to become secure young children. At New Life Discovery Schools, they will receive affection and security from our nurturing staff. They will learn to try new things and find security in any environment. Babies' first steps include trying new things such as rolling over, sitting, crawling and eventually walking. Also, they learn to turn babbling noises into actual expressions of emotions and sounds with meaning.

Girl Playing New Life Discovery Schools' daily activities help infants to learn about their surrounding world. Simple daily activities such as cleaning up, diapering, or feeding is a good time to show attention and affection to each infant in the class. It is a proven fact that talking to an infant in a tender, loving, caring tone and explaining what is occurring around them helps their learning ability to be stronger. Our staff will also be attentive listeners to our Infant's babbles and facial expressions since these are the first steps in communication.

New Life Discovery Schools' Infant Discovery Plans include activities in which the infants explore both indoor and outdoor environments safely. Indoor activities include peek-a-boo, sensory book stories, soothing gliders; outdoorsincludes walking, rolling the ball, relaxing on a blanket plus many other creative activities in which fun and learning are the keys. New Life Discovery Schools' nurturing staff helps your infant to eventually become a curious toddler.

18 months to 2 years
Large Motor Skills

Toddlers are very curious and independent children that love to pretend and explore their surroundings. Their exploring begins with simple jumping, climbing, and scribbling. N.L.D.S. provides outdoor play structures and memorable activities to enhance their large motor skills.

Social Skills
At New Life Discovery Schools, toddlers learn to become individuals through personal experience. There is no such thing as mistakes; only a different route to getting things correct. Just like with the infants, the staff uses correct language while speaking with our toddlers in everyday activities such as cleaning up, snack time, or toileting. This is done to encourage language development. They will also learn how to dress and feed themselves, while making choices to help them become independent.

Eye Hand Coordination
At N.L.D.S. our Discovery Plans help toddlers be creative while making arts and crafts and to learn through creative science experiments. We also offer other activities for the children such as dramatic play, story time as well as blocks, in which imagination is the main component. Through group activities, toddlers learn to share and respect others; vwith individual play they strive to be imaginative and independent.

3 years to 5 years
Color Recognition

Girl Playing Learning about color is a significant skill for preschoolers. We will expose your child to colors through paints, crayons and object colored cards.

Number Recognition
We will offer a variety of pattern projects, understanding quantity, number sense, shapes and measurements.

Social Skills and Manners
We will help children develop social skills through learning to share, take turns, impulse control by building cooperative play with other children. Manners are introduced through cultural dining experiences and family style meals at our preschools.

Sight Words and Literacy
In the very early stages of learning to read children can learn some beginning sight words. The first beginning sight words are important words to the child. We will expose your child to their name, letters, word knowledge, concept of print and phonological awareness.

Large Motor Skills - P.E.
Preschool children use both large and fine motor skills. We provide parachute play, bikes, balls, and large climbing structures for the children to really get creative outdoors.

6 years to 10 years
We have set aside 30 minutes per day during the school year for your child to work on their assignments from elementary school. This time is usually provided from 4:00pm to 4:30pm. The teachers are available to assist your child during this time.

Physical Activities
Before your child begins the homework process we will allow P.E. in or outdoors depending on the weather. To insure complete concentration before they start studying. This includes basketball, hopscotch, large climbing structures or parachute play.

Fun Activities
After a long day at elementary school our school age children just want to relax and have fun. We dedicate 30 minutes to homework and study time, and then we allow the fun to begin. We have designed a very relaxed environment for our school age children, complete with the latest and the greatest entertainment.

Field trips Galore
- Amtrak ride to Hanford Park
- Museum
- Blackbeards
- Johns Incredible Pizza
- Tokyo Steak House
- Planetarium
- Discovery Center
- Disneyland
- Coney Island
- Cal Skate
- Movies
- Monterey Bay Aquarium
- The Zoo

In house entertainments from:

*Wild Life Learning
*Todd the Snake Man
*Brandon Wild Child
*Kono Ice
*Color Me Mine and many more....

After School Fun
- Playstations
- Wii
- Video Games
- Foosball
- Puzzles
- Parachute
- Large Blocks
- Basketball
- Hopscotch
- HD Kindle Fires
- Hula-Hoop




Girl PlayingAs a parent and a former N.L.D.S. employee, I am confident and impressed with the level of care that N.L.D.S. provides. The staff displays the adequate knowledge of child care and ensures that the children feel welcome and comfortable. I have and will continue to recommend N.L.D.S. to anyone who may be looking for child care.

Sharmaine W.

Girl PlayingMy name is Kimberlee, my sister, four cousins and I went to New Life on Dakota and West. I started when I was 2 and went until I was 7or 8. I also attended the Keats Center, I enjoyed going to New Life, and the best thing I liked about the center was learning my ABC's, shapes, colors and playing with my friends. Many of my nieces and nephews have gone to New Life and now my son s attending the Clovis Center. He always has a smile and he never cries when I drop him off. I feel comfortable leaving him and the staff is really nice; I feel that they take good care of my son.

Kimberlee L.


Girl PlayingAwesome school! N.L.D.S. has great teachers, curriculum and environment. I highly recommend N.L.D.S. to anyone looking for a quality preschool for their children.

Jason H.



Hi! My name is Shannon and my son attends New Life Discovery School. I lost my Girl PlayingMom to Cancer when my son was 2 months old; I was devastated on manylevels, one being who is going to care for my child like his "Nana"? Upon returning back to work I placed him in an in home daycare but I could tell he was "outgrowing" the home boundaries and needed more room to explore and be exposed to more children. I interviewed, dropped in, cold called, (several times) to many different childcare centers in the area. Hands down...New Life Discovery Schools had my vote from the jump! Ms. Angel was extremely profsional when answering the phone; she answered all my questions and offered to give me a tour ANYTIME that it was convenient for me. After I decided to enroll my son Ms. Angel had all the proper paperwork ready for me to fill out, which made the registration process go smoothly. I am very pleased with New Life Discovery School. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and goes above and beyond. They are always planning fun and educational fieldtrips, Luncheons, and they cater to each age group and what they think is in the best interest of the child. They are flexible and understand if you have to work overtime and the staff also recognizes if your child needs a little more attention on any given day.
I would highly recommend New Life Discovery Schools....

Shannon H.





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